In Finland the following acts regulate e-commerce in addition to general statutes.

The Information Society Code (917/2014, as amended).

The Information Society Code is an umbrella act that consolidates, updates and streamlines the regulation of electronic communications. The Code is a result of a large reform and entered into force on 1 January 2015. Numerous preceding acts were incorporated in the Code at that time. The Code regulates, among other things, the provision and offering of information society services, including distance selling, information to be provided by the service provider, electronic direct marketing, cookies as well as protection of privacy and information security.


The Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures (617/2009, as amended).

Strong electronic identification and electronic signatures are regulated by the Act. Furthermore, the offering of these services to service providers using them and to the general public is regulated by the Act.


The Consumer Protection Act (38/1978, as amended).

This Act is applicable to e-commerce and contains requirements on the information to be provided to consumers. Information requirements enacted in the Act applies both prior to the conclusion of the sales contract and during the order process, as well as with regard to the consumers’ right to receive a refund.


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